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Hi! Hola!

Im Olga Molina

I am a multi-talented Product Designer, UX/UI Designer Advisor, Visual Designer, Illustrator, and Storyteller Dreamer. I am well-versed in Adobe Creative Suite and, with my diverse background, I possess comprehensive skills in Marketing & PR, gained from my previous experience as a digital entrepreneur.
I'm also a loving mother, an avid plant enthusiast, a cat lover, and a feminist.
Currently residing in The Netherlands.

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I'm committed to developing visual and digital solutions, growing together towards the future.

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Birth photographer

Are you a woman and are you considering opening a business? With our photography, and design expertise, with Katherine Monge's collaboration, we empathize with the challenges of building or rebuilding.
Let us support your brand's success!

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Natasha Hesse
Graphic Designer

With over 20 years of experience, Natascha Hesse excels in creating impactful designs for diverse industries, including museums and asset management agencies. Our expertise covers both online and onsite design needs, providing a comprehensive package to enhance your brand.

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Check my latest thoughts about design, new technologies, tools, expat life, feminism and motherhood.

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